Week 3 Analysis: Company Questions

For this activity we had to draft 5 questions that we would want to ask at the end of a job interview.

1. What do you enjoy the most about working here?

This question is important for my interview process because it shows that I am interested in getting there. Also, it gives me an idea of how the employees feel about the company and what is that “thing” that motivates them to be in the company. From this questions I want to know if that is the place I would like to come everyday to, and if that same “thing” that motivates them to go to work everyday is something that would motivate me too. This information will help me make the decision of taking the opportunity because if it is something I really like, for example, that they can bring their dog to work with them, I would be extremely motivated to be there, since I would get to work and be with my best friend at the same time, it would give me peace of mind and that is a must. Of course, it all depends on the answer I get, but good or bad, I believe it would certainly affect my decision.


2. How is the work environment, and the co-workers?

This question is sort of an extension of the first one, just in case it is not mentioned, this is something that I would like to know. This question is important for my interview process because it is important for me to be aware of who I am going to be spending most of my time with, if they are supportive and if they tend to help each other. As a new person in the company, I would probably need help or some sort of guidance the first couple of months, and I need to know if that is something that I can count with. This information will certainly help my decision in the company, it can be a great offer but if you find out you can’t stand the people you’re assigned to work with, I would probably look somewhere that I can feel more comfortable doing what I do, especially if I will be there for long hours of the day.


3. Do you think this position will evolve in the next three years? If so, how?

This question is important because I want to start to get somewhere. I want to know what to expect, especially as an international student, a big part of my future depends on the place I work on, and if it is a position or a company that could possibly disappear, I need to know that because I will want to work on a place that is taking me somewhere and not making me waste my time considering that my job visa is on the table, I need to have a safe plan. Not only that but also I am committed to my career growth and being able to get better and grow professionally along the years. That being said, the information will 100% affect my decision about the opportunity.


4. If I were hired for this position, would I be going through any training? If so how?

As someone that is clearly on an entry level job, this question is important because I want to be fully prepared to start on the right track. With this question I want to know if there is any special training that I will be going to be required to take if I do get get the job. For this particular question, I do not think that my decision of taking the job would be affected by the answer, if it is no then great! I would still make sure that I know everything I need to before starting. And if it is a yes, then anything that I need to know in order to do the job right, I want to know it and learn it.


5. What does one usually have to do in order to succeed in this company?

This question is important for my interview process because it tells the interviewer that I really want more than just the job, and it is true; I would like to have a career in a place that I can blossom and become better everyday. With this question I want to learn what are the most important things and skills that the company expects from me. The answer to this question might or might not affect the decision of taking the opportunity, depending on how big their expectations are, but I certainly believe that no matter how big they could be, I would certainly work hard to meet them first.


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