Week 4 Project: Career Advice

For this activity we had to create and publish a Career Advice Blog and Infographic based on Brian Carico’s presentation.

Welcome to the grown-up world! 

Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? Well that is because it is! Being a college graduate is not easy, there are more than 100,000 jokes about it out there, and now you probably feel like you are one of them. All these interviews and job applications can make you feel like you didn’t even attend college in the first place, but do not panic, YOU DID! And that is why I made this blog, to remind you of that.

Here are 9 Life Tips For Recent Graduates that will help your after-college life be much easier.



Don’t turn down a job just because it is not your dream job. If you are reading this, it is probably because you’re having trouble landing on “that” job, like most of all the graduates out there, but that is okay. Finding that dream job right out of the gate is usually not that simple. Be realistic and always be open to opportunities. You may find that you are good at something you didn’t know you were. And if not, you know exactly what you can’t do, but never say no before trying. Remember that working towards that dream job is what your ultimate goal should be, and having other jobs before getting there will give you more experience to do so.

Remember that now you are literally minding your own business, so start thinking of yourself as one. According to Forbes in order to “To thrive in your career, you must attend to both sides of the value ledger, just as if you were a business.” You can do this by creating value, focusing on your distinctive contribution, and competitive advantage, meaning what makes you different, and also what you can do to maintain that. I also believe that thinking yourself as a business will help you look at your personal brand from a different perspective. But don’t be afraid to do so. Yes, this may seem scary, mostly because you probably have no idea how to do so and therefore, you are afraid to fail. But remember, there is no such thing as failure. This is the moment where you have to remember why you started and not let fear get in the way of your dreams, because fear can keep you from getting the recognition that you deserve and you don’t want that. Accept the challenges, take risks, and make big mistakes, because good things come from conquering fears.

“You’re going to jump alone, with no one else beside you. But you’re GONNA jump. Just remember you don’t jump the same as everyone else. Your timeline isn’t theirs. They might land a big dream job in a month, and maybe you’ll get yours a year from now, or even 10 years. But you will get there. First though, you have to jump.” — Melis Capozio

Yes, fear can also stop you from “jumping” and waiting too long is not really a good thing for your dreams.  Time is precious, don’t waste it. Maybe you are not ready for your dream job, and that is okay, but that can’t stop you from moving forward after graduation, so keep yourself busy with things that will add to your resume like volunteering, freelancing, and internships. All of this will show your employers that you have what it takes, but remember that they can reject candidates based on what they find about them online, so don’t forget to clean up your social media. 

NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! Use the social media pages that you clean and update to talk to other professionals in your industry, or simply go out and talk to people, you can network anywhere. Did you know that 85% of All Jobs are Filled Via Networking? No? Well, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and open your LinkedIn Profile, and update your resume, put the work that you are proud of out there.  Oh yes, that reminds me, be proud of your work. Know that people may be able to do the same work that you do, but never exactly like you, some might do it better, probably not for the same price, or with the same humbleness, and some may do it worse than you, but always know that you are unique and be proud of that. Stand by your ideas, because if you don’t do it, who else will?  In order for someone to be understand and love work, you have to love it too!

And last but not least, whenever you get to the interview part, show don’t tell. Impress your hiring manager, just like Amy Hill did. She wanted to be a creative writer and she showed them that she could be one by simply doing it, easy right? You don’t have to be creative, you just have to show them you know what to do what they want you to do (or more) , after all, if you don’t you are not qualified for the job anyway right?

Success doesn’t happen over night, and this leaves me with one last quote (I promise). “Dreams don’t work unless you do” – John C. Maxwell. Now go ahead and get your ass out there, use this list of tips, and work it baby!

The world is yours to impress.






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