Reflection: RISE Peer Review

For this activity we had to do a peer review on one of our classmate’s mock interview.

Here is my peer Lindsey’s resume:

Rise Peer Review

Dear Lindsey,


What struck me most about your interview was that you were calm and relaxed, even though you were swinging your seat, your face and the way you spoke didn’t show that you were nervous at all, which I can tell made it easier for you to remember everything you wanted to say and respond to all the questions. It made me want to revisit my own preparation to be as calm as you were, sometimes I get too anxious when it comes to being in the spotlight, but I think you did a great job with that.


Did you mean to say you were doing a Bachelors of Science in your resume? I think that one important thing to remember is that you have to make sure that your resume has no mistakes, or at least bring in the revised resume to the interview and let them know before starting, because if you leave a mistake on the resume and then say something different in person, for some it may seem like you are lying even though you aren’t, so make sure you do that or clarify that there is a mistake before going to the interview, just to avoid misunderstandings.


Have you considered using examples or telling stories to answer the questions? I think that since you are a storyteller and if you are applying for a job that has to do with that, you might want to consider telling stories as an answer to what they ask you, because if you want to be a storyteller, and you showed them that you can do it by simply doing it, could there be a better way to tell them that you are the right fit for the job? Plus stories make people know you better, and I know you have a great personality and passion that will certainly get you the job you want.


Perhaps you can add more insight by adding the requirements included in the job description on your resume. You could add them in the skills section, like you did with the word storytelling, but with Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and all the other software’s that were included in the requirements of the job description. This is a way of avoiding them asking questions that you don’t want to, of course without lying, but if you know you have some experience on this Software’s don’t hesitate to add them in your resume even if they are not your biggest asset, that way when you sit on the interview they don’t have to ask you about why you didn’t have something that they are requiring, and avoid anything that could make them consider not hiring you. Overall, you did a great job and I think you will do even better with practice. Congrats!


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