Week 4 Project: Mock Interview

For this assignment we had to produce a mock interview video where we play both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Here is the link to my video:



1. I am passionate about the industry and it shows, I feel that this area comes natural to me and it is what helped me boost my confidence and deliver the presentation fully.

2. I cover all I need and want to say about myself, I don’t forget to mention anything important and I would say it is because of the passion and enthusiasm that I have.

3. And last but not least, I feel like my confidence was much better than other times because I did my research on the company. Even though I already had a great knowledge of it, the research helped me even more and I knew perfectly what I was talking about at all times, which is something that I will definitely do in the future with other interviews as well.

Areas for improvement:

1. Be more confident, or at least act more confident. I have to learn how to take control of my self-confidence and more than just thinking positive, I need to put it into action more often, which brings me to the second thing I would like to improve on.

3. Embrace my accent and don’t be shy about it. This one is important because it makes me more nervous and affects other aspects of the way I deliver the presentation, like making eye contact, which is another are I would improve on.

2. Making eye contact, I have always had a hard time making eye contact because when I  try to memorize something while being nervous is not easy, and it relates to the fact that English is my second language, because having two languages active in your brain all the time doesn’t help when you get nervous, so sometimes I start blabbering things in Spanish, and to avoid that, I feel more comfortable reading the screen from time to time, but I would say that I can improve on practicing as much as I can until I manage to feel comfortable enough with what I’m going to say.


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