Week 2 Project: Reaching Out to Target Employers

In this activity we had to draft an email and voice mail to one professional in our target employer list in order to build our network and explore new opportunities.

Mark Freid works for one of my target list employers. He is the President, Creative Director and Brand Strategist of Think Creative.


Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 8.03.56 PM.png



Hello Mr. Field,

This is Alexandra Donoso speaking, I am calling to follow up an email I sent you last week. I hope that you had the opportunity to read it and that we can connect soon. Please feel free to call me back or email me at any time. Thank you.


Week 2 Exploration: Building a Target List

For this week’s assignment we had to use Google Maps in order to create a database that helps us discover potential employers in our industry and fill out a target list with a minimum of ten employers. This list will help us keep track of the jobs we want to apply for.

In my target list I decided to expand the location but keep it realist on what’s possible for me if I were to move, so I did my target list based on media, advertising and marketing companies in Florida, mostly in Miami and Orlando.

Here is my Target List

I have a friend that currently works at IZEA, one of the companies on my target list. I found out through LinkedIn that he is the Associate Campaign Manager.

Week 2 Practice: Networking Events & Organizations

In this activity we had to find one potential networking event and one organization that apply to our professional pursuits and/or we are interested in joining.


An upcoming networking event I found is The Woof Social in Miami, FL. This event is free. The organizers of the event are a dog sitting company called The Woof Republic. The purpose of this event is to network and connect with people on the common theme, dogs. This event is perfect for me because my dream is to work as a content creator on any animal related company/organization, and in an environment that I feel passionate about and I am positive that many dog related companies will be there that day. Also, I would like to get to know people that love animals as much as I do and maybe be able to work with them. 


One professional organization that I would like to join is the ASPCA, their headquarters are located in NYC. There are many options to join this organization, one of them is creating a fundraiser campaign. Here is a link that shows how: https://secure.aspca.org/team/aspca?ms=wb_lpf_white-teamaspca&initialms=wb_lpf_white-teamaspca.

This is a non-profit organization dedicated to prevent animal cruelty. By joining this organization, not only would I help make a difference for animals but I would also gain  more experience in fundraising campaigns, and help build a perfect resume towards the industry field that I want to pursue. 

Week 1 Project: A Tailored Resume

For this assignment we had to use josbscan.co in order to help us tailor our resume towards an specific job position. This helps us get past the “Résumé robots” or “Applicant Tracking System” and makes it easier for us to get an interview with the desired company that we would like to work with.

I created this style of resume because I wanted to have a professional and clean layout, but one that was fun at the same time. I chose this colors because color psychology says that pink is intuitive, insightful, shows tenderness and kindness with its empathy and sensitivity. It relates to understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. As an animal advocate and lover, and wanting to use the content I create for the greater good, I feel that this color defines my personality the best. At the same time, I chose the color black because it shows a noticeable contrast that makes the pink “pop” out more. I chose the Adobe Myriad Pro typeface because they are commonly used in writing and graphic design, which are two of the industries that I am targeting. Also, because I feel that it represents me; it is simple, easy to read, and strong.

Here is my current Résumé: WWF_DonosoAlexandra_Resume

Here is the link to the WWF – Digital Content Intern position that I will be applying for.

– Before “tailoring” my Résumé:

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.45.12 PM.png

– After “tailoring” my Résumé: 

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.49.29 PM