Week 4 Project: Mock Interview

For this assignment we had to produce a mock interview video where we play both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Here is the link to my video:



1. I am passionate about the industry and it shows, I feel that this area comes natural to me and it is what helped me boost my confidence and deliver the presentation fully.

2. I cover all I need and want to say about myself, I don’t forget to mention anything important and I would say it is because of the passion and enthusiasm that I have.

3. And last but not least, I feel like my confidence was much better than other times because I did my research on the company. Even though I already had a great knowledge of it, the research helped me even more and I knew perfectly what I was talking about at all times, which is something that I will definitely do in the future with other interviews as well.

Areas for improvement:

1. Be more confident, or at least act more confident. I have to learn how to take control of my self-confidence and more than just thinking positive, I need to put it into action more often, which brings me to the second thing I would like to improve on.

3. Embrace my accent and don’t be shy about it. This one is important because it makes me more nervous and affects other aspects of the way I deliver the presentation, like making eye contact, which is another are I would improve on.

2. Making eye contact, I have always had a hard time making eye contact because when I  try to memorize something while being nervous is not easy, and it relates to the fact that English is my second language, because having two languages active in your brain all the time doesn’t help when you get nervous, so sometimes I start blabbering things in Spanish, and to avoid that, I feel more comfortable reading the screen from time to time, but I would say that I can improve on practicing as much as I can until I manage to feel comfortable enough with what I’m going to say.


Reflection: RISE Peer Review

For this activity we had to do a peer review on one of our classmate’s mock interview.

Here is my peer Lindsey’s resume:


Rise Peer Review

Dear Lindsey,


What struck me most about your interview was that you were calm and relaxed, even though you were swinging your seat, your face and the way you spoke didn’t show that you were nervous at all, which I can tell made it easier for you to remember everything you wanted to say and respond to all the questions. It made me want to revisit my own preparation to be as calm as you were, sometimes I get too anxious when it comes to being in the spotlight, but I think you did a great job with that.


Did you mean to say you were doing a Bachelors of Science in your resume? I think that one important thing to remember is that you have to make sure that your resume has no mistakes, or at least bring in the revised resume to the interview and let them know before starting, because if you leave a mistake on the resume and then say something different in person, for some it may seem like you are lying even though you aren’t, so make sure you do that or clarify that there is a mistake before going to the interview, just to avoid misunderstandings.


Have you considered using examples or telling stories to answer the questions? I think that since you are a storyteller and if you are applying for a job that has to do with that, you might want to consider telling stories as an answer to what they ask you, because if you want to be a storyteller, and you showed them that you can do it by simply doing it, could there be a better way to tell them that you are the right fit for the job? Plus stories make people know you better, and I know you have a great personality and passion that will certainly get you the job you want.


Perhaps you can add more insight by adding the requirements included in the job description on your resume. You could add them in the skills section, like you did with the word storytelling, but with Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and all the other software’s that were included in the requirements of the job description. This is a way of avoiding them asking questions that you don’t want to, of course without lying, but if you know you have some experience on this Software’s don’t hesitate to add them in your resume even if they are not your biggest asset, that way when you sit on the interview they don’t have to ask you about why you didn’t have something that they are requiring, and avoid anything that could make them consider not hiring you. Overall, you did a great job and I think you will do even better with practice. Congrats!

Week 4 Project: Career Advice

For this activity we had to create and publish a Career Advice Blog and Infographic based on Brian Carico’s presentation.

Welcome to the grown-up world! 

Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? Well that is because it is! Being a college graduate is not easy, there are more than 100,000 jokes about it out there, and now you probably feel like you are one of them. All these interviews and job applications can make you feel like you didn’t even attend college in the first place, but do not panic, YOU DID! And that is why I made this blog, to remind you of that.

Here are 9 Life Tips For Recent Graduates that will help your after-college life be much easier.



Don’t turn down a job just because it is not your dream job. If you are reading this, it is probably because you’re having trouble landing on “that” job, like most of all the graduates out there, but that is okay. Finding that dream job right out of the gate is usually not that simple. Be realistic and always be open to opportunities. You may find that you are good at something you didn’t know you were. And if not, you know exactly what you can’t do, but never say no before trying. Remember that working towards that dream job is what your ultimate goal should be, and having other jobs before getting there will give you more experience to do so.

Remember that now you are literally minding your own business, so start thinking of yourself as one. According to Forbes in order to “To thrive in your career, you must attend to both sides of the value ledger, just as if you were a business.” You can do this by creating value, focusing on your distinctive contribution, and competitive advantage, meaning what makes you different, and also what you can do to maintain that. I also believe that thinking yourself as a business will help you look at your personal brand from a different perspective. But don’t be afraid to do so. Yes, this may seem scary, mostly because you probably have no idea how to do so and therefore, you are afraid to fail. But remember, there is no such thing as failure. This is the moment where you have to remember why you started and not let fear get in the way of your dreams, because fear can keep you from getting the recognition that you deserve and you don’t want that. Accept the challenges, take risks, and make big mistakes, because good things come from conquering fears.

“You’re going to jump alone, with no one else beside you. But you’re GONNA jump. Just remember you don’t jump the same as everyone else. Your timeline isn’t theirs. They might land a big dream job in a month, and maybe you’ll get yours a year from now, or even 10 years. But you will get there. First though, you have to jump.” — Melis Capozio

Yes, fear can also stop you from “jumping” and waiting too long is not really a good thing for your dreams.  Time is precious, don’t waste it. Maybe you are not ready for your dream job, and that is okay, but that can’t stop you from moving forward after graduation, so keep yourself busy with things that will add to your resume like volunteering, freelancing, and internships. All of this will show your employers that you have what it takes, but remember that they can reject candidates based on what they find about them online, so don’t forget to clean up your social media. 

NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! Use the social media pages that you clean and update to talk to other professionals in your industry, or simply go out and talk to people, you can network anywhere. Did you know that 85% of All Jobs are Filled Via Networking? No? Well, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and open your LinkedIn Profile, and update your resume, put the work that you are proud of out there.  Oh yes, that reminds me, be proud of your work. Know that people may be able to do the same work that you do, but never exactly like you, some might do it better, probably not for the same price, or with the same humbleness, and some may do it worse than you, but always know that you are unique and be proud of that. Stand by your ideas, because if you don’t do it, who else will?  In order for someone to be understand and love work, you have to love it too!

And last but not least, whenever you get to the interview part, show don’t tell. Impress your hiring manager, just like Amy Hill did. She wanted to be a creative writer and she showed them that she could be one by simply doing it, easy right? You don’t have to be creative, you just have to show them you know what to do what they want you to do (or more) , after all, if you don’t you are not qualified for the job anyway right?

Success doesn’t happen over night, and this leaves me with one last quote (I promise). “Dreams don’t work unless you do” – John C. Maxwell. Now go ahead and get your ass out there, use this list of tips, and work it baby!

The world is yours to impress.





Week 3 Analysis: Company Questions

For this activity we had to draft 5 questions that we would want to ask at the end of a job interview.

1. What do you enjoy the most about working here?

This question is important for my interview process because it shows that I am interested in getting there. Also, it gives me an idea of how the employees feel about the company and what is that “thing” that motivates them to be in the company. From this questions I want to know if that is the place I would like to come everyday to, and if that same “thing” that motivates them to go to work everyday is something that would motivate me too. This information will help me make the decision of taking the opportunity because if it is something I really like, for example, that they can bring their dog to work with them, I would be extremely motivated to be there, since I would get to work and be with my best friend at the same time, it would give me peace of mind and that is a must. Of course, it all depends on the answer I get, but good or bad, I believe it would certainly affect my decision.


2. How is the work environment, and the co-workers?

This question is sort of an extension of the first one, just in case it is not mentioned, this is something that I would like to know. This question is important for my interview process because it is important for me to be aware of who I am going to be spending most of my time with, if they are supportive and if they tend to help each other. As a new person in the company, I would probably need help or some sort of guidance the first couple of months, and I need to know if that is something that I can count with. This information will certainly help my decision in the company, it can be a great offer but if you find out you can’t stand the people you’re assigned to work with, I would probably look somewhere that I can feel more comfortable doing what I do, especially if I will be there for long hours of the day.


3. Do you think this position will evolve in the next three years? If so, how?

This question is important because I want to start to get somewhere. I want to know what to expect, especially as an international student, a big part of my future depends on the place I work on, and if it is a position or a company that could possibly disappear, I need to know that because I will want to work on a place that is taking me somewhere and not making me waste my time considering that my job visa is on the table, I need to have a safe plan. Not only that but also I am committed to my career growth and being able to get better and grow professionally along the years. That being said, the information will 100% affect my decision about the opportunity.


4. If I were hired for this position, would I be going through any training? If so how?

As someone that is clearly on an entry level job, this question is important because I want to be fully prepared to start on the right track. With this question I want to know if there is any special training that I will be going to be required to take if I do get get the job. For this particular question, I do not think that my decision of taking the job would be affected by the answer, if it is no then great! I would still make sure that I know everything I need to before starting. And if it is a yes, then anything that I need to know in order to do the job right, I want to know it and learn it.


5. What does one usually have to do in order to succeed in this company?

This question is important for my interview process because it tells the interviewer that I really want more than just the job, and it is true; I would like to have a career in a place that I can blossom and become better everyday. With this question I want to learn what are the most important things and skills that the company expects from me. The answer to this question might or might not affect the decision of taking the opportunity, depending on how big their expectations are, but I certainly believe that no matter how big they could be, I would certainly work hard to meet them first.